Let’s blame teachers!

I know! It’s been 2 months, a mighty long time. But don’t kill me. I’ve been covered in piles of paper, I’ve been swamped, I’ve died several times and been resurrected. It’s been a lot.

In case you didn’t know, I’m on vacation!!!!!! A well needed vacation I should say. It’s been a challenging and tiring year. However, I’ve grown a lot over the past year, professionally and personally. I’m not saying this just to fit in with the masses.

To all my fellow educators on break, live it up and enjoy! To those not yet on break, keep doing the fine job, your time will come!


After such a long hiatus, I was sort of motivated this morning to write this blog. ( I’m being honest, I legit just want to sleep.)

It all started out with a post on a familiar social media platform. I will not state what the post was about, but in essence users of the said platform blamed teachers for the incident that occurred. The usual statements of:



“Oh, people follow rules and they still can’t get ahead. Smh at these teachers.”

Yeah! Let’s blame the teachers, right? After all, we are the reason why “di country a mash up.” Yes, we are the ones that make policies. We sit in boardrooms ALL day, sipping on coffee and orange juice creating 60 million unrealistic policies per day. (I’ve rolled my eyes 2 millions times.)

To be honest, I’m frustrated with all the citizens that want to always point the blame on teachers. Listen guys, we don’t make the rules, and quite frankly we’re just trying to pay bills. We merely go to work, do what we have to do and leave. If the Ministry of Education or school board has guidelines that’s it. If we don’t agree with it, we voice our opinion and hope that the opinion is not placed in file 13.


Not because you sit in a corner office and post and like all day means that you get to point fingers.

If you are not in the situation, here’s a suggestion: BE INFORMED AND NOT OPINIONATED. Get the FACTS before you use emotions to judge what you would have done. I realize that people are always quick to point out everything that is wrong in their opinion, but never place themselves in the situation.

Here’s another solution, since teacher’s are doing such a bad job, I am by no means referring to the lazy teachers, why don’t you take your kids and teach them yourself? I think that will solve so many issues, cause y’know, we don’t know what we’re doing…AT ALL. ( This is me being very angry……whoo-sah) blame teachers 2

The point of this blog is not to anger anyone. I really just need persons to understand that there are so many things that go on that people outside of this sector will never understand.  Schools make their own rules and the fact is, you just have to work with the rules until you leave. When we live with our parents we have to follow their rules. If we don’t, we know that there will be consequences. We could argue with them and tell them that they are still stuck in the stone-age, but their rules remain. School management makes the criteria/rules, why are you attacking teachers? We are only the messengers.

Just remember, place yourself in the situation before you cast a stone.

blame teachers 1.jpg

Walk good.






Happy Teacher’s Day!!!!!!

Photo Credit: IB Times India

While Teachers’ Day will be celebrated tomorrow; let me be among the first persons to wish my fellow educators a Happy Teachers’ Day!

We’ve earned it!

We’ve worked hard all year and no doubt we deserve a day to be recognized.


2nd image
“Not many persons are cut from this special cloth to be a teacher…” Photo Credit: Tinypost

Let’s flashback to the moments where we have to hunt students down to get their work, address petty issues in the classroom, plan dozens of lessons, re-teach a lesson, be overly frustrated and emotional when students fail, doubt ourselves (yes this happens).

Yup! It’s definitely a task and a half.

Not many persons are cut from this special cloth to be a teacher, it requires a great deal, much more than being knowledgeable. We tap into so much unused energy that we are unaware of.

I know once you’ve taught for over a year, you have matured mentally, physically and emotionally. We owe it all to this very noble profession.

We have become mothers, fathers and even lawyers for many of our students;students that ACTUALLY deserve such care. We form very close bonds with these students and colleagues. Not many persons have the strength to take on these responsibilities as we do, and at the end of the day we become extremely drained; mentally and physically.

But guess what? We pick ourselves up and take on the task again to be the mantle of light to our future generations.

If you’ve not already done so, call a teacher up and thank him/her for all the work they’ve contributed to developing the society and you of course. Without the help of a teacher (not di lazy crasis one dem) many of us would not be as successful as we are today. Go ahead! Show some appreciation!

While many people frown and turn up their noses at our job, I bet y’all don’t have ‘special days.’ *said in the most Laquisha voice ever*

So yes! Enjoy your day my fellow educators and no matter what, ALWAYS remember you are a great teacher!

teachers day_thumb[7]
Photo Credit: Pinterest 
*All photo credits go to respective organizations* 



It’s finally Friday! Oh how I was eager for this lovely F word. No pun intended 🙂

This week was somewhat smooth sailing. A few challenges here and there; but nothing a glass or three of wine couldn’t fix.

I must note however, there’s something in the air as it regards to the progress of my 200+ students…well for the majority of the numbers. I’m not sure of I’ve become much stricter or as according to these youngsters: “Miss how yuh a move suh strong.” 

Okay back to the point. Soo yeah, I’ve seen a major change in their attitude towards work. I pray this attitude continues and doesn’t come to an abrupt end next week. I’ve found some strategies that have been working so far.

  1. Positive Reinforcement 
  2. Negative Reinforcement 
  3. Consistency 

If you’ve been to Teachers’ College or completed any Education Course, you know what these are. Truthfully, I didn’t apply them. However, I decided to give it a try  and I put my twist to it.

*NB: This happened involuntarily

No doubt, I’m still that sarcastic teacher…sorry but that’s one quality I’ll never drop. (WORK WID IT!)

In addition to these strategies, I’ve been dropping work and assignments like crazy! When dem done dem MUST bright. I related to my co-worker this week that my students were in total shock that the first day they had two pieces of assignment due in less than two days.

*me to my co-worker* “Ma fling on d wuk like wa-possh!” (DWLOOOOOOOL)

Is this too much? Maybe. But it’s working.

I feel  I have accomplished a lot this week. This is one week I’m very proud to refer to myself an educator.

I’m most definitely treating myself this weekend.

Did I mention that all 8 lesson plans are completed? Yes your girl is making movesssss!!!

So while I sit and wait for my wash and go to dry, Saturday evening to arrive so that I can turn up (excited for this for MANY reasons), my twitter feed to load with memes, I’ll continue to bask in my many accomplishments of this work week.

What will next week bring?? STAY TUNED!

Great Teacher
No matter the challenges, remember your accomplishments. You ARE a GREAT Teacher.





Back to reality!

Hey guys! Yes, it’s been a minute. Let me give you all the run-down. (Brace yahself) 

As many of you may know, schools in Jamaica just came off the easter term break. Now I was one of those overly-excited teachers who had planssssss hunnie! (Snaps fingers) I finally thought I’d have some good content for my blog . 

But little did I know that life had other things planned for me. 

Note the following events: 

Wednesday April 12th 2017 school goes on break. 

Thursday April 14th 2017 ,I visit the parents while completing teacher core duties. 

Friday April 15th 2017…SICK LIKE A DAWGGG 😢😨😭😭😭

I WAS TRULY UPSET..NO LIES. All my big plans had to be scrapped. Now, one would think that I was sick for 2-3 days; but nooooooo! I was sick for the entire break. So while everyone was trucking on the road and ‘beach vibing’ (my bad mind is very much active) I was nursing a horrible flu. 

But no worries friends, summer is approaching and a girl got plansssss. Yes. I have myriads of them. So I condemn every sort of flu in the name of the peace and serenity!! (dashes holy water 😁).

It’s back to reality and I’m currently at 95% good health. Please don’t hold your breath for 100%, it’ll never happen. Mentally drained already! 😐

Tomorrow marks the official day of the starto of school. Let’s see what crazy things are in store! No I’m not ready, no I’ll never be!

Happy reading! 

To be charged or nah? 

 Another work week is upon us. Once again, we question the importance of adulting. We’d much rather a nomad lifestyle (seriously think about it, do you see them stressed about Mr Bills every month?)

ANYWAYS…to the meat of the matter.This is a very serious blog. 

I’ve always heard teachers complain about students who’ve made sexual advances towards them, no doubt a few students have expressed their “liking” of me, but I take no threat to it. However, today was a completely different situation.

As I was minding my own business, do the usual “teacher stuff”; I saw a group of male students deep in convo. (Please remember that I totally ignored their existence). As I walked pass them,one of these “males” held unto my hand in a very sexual and uncomfortable manner. 

I was literally shocked, I took a few seconds to really process what just occured. So given the situation, I firmly told him not to touch me. 


“Yuh rude. Kmt.” (It was at this moment in time I saw my resignation letter and a 10 year sentence) 😲😲😲😞😞

I won’t bore you with all the details of this very uncomfortable and most disturbing incident. The long and short of it is that he refused to acknowledge that he had sexually harassed a female.


I’m going to attribute his non-sensical actions to being a mellenial baby. Being forward here, they really have no sense of reasoning and critical thinking skills. Might I add, comprehension levels are VERY VERY low. 
I’m still in shock and in a disturbed state since this incident. I really felt dirty, cheap,violated,valueless, powerless…the list of negative adjectives could go on.

Some persons might reason that this was merely a minor incident, however, this is where it all starts. We allow minor incidents to seep through crackholes and then we wonder why we have so many massive issues to deal with.

Food for thought huh? 

For those who are wondering ; yes I took the matter to higher authorities. Let’s hope something comes out of it. 

I’m urging everyone to not turn a blind eye to serious matters like these. If a touch, a stare, or even a cup of coffee is unwelcomed…from ANYONE; report it.

We must be the change if we want to see change.

*Click the link below to read Sexual Offences Act for further details 

Sexual Offences Act 

Behind the Screens – Part One

Ground Zeero

Throwing it all the way back to Hi5 🙂


I will never forget the evening I was introduced to social media, Hi5 to be specific. It was my little sister’s birthday and after the cutting of the cake, a church sister got busy setting up my account. For a moment I was against it as I thought that I wasn’t ‘cool’, so I wouldn’t have any friends on there, but after my page was active, that thought flew out the window. I had set about the grueling task of establishing myself in the world of social media. I wanted to let the world see/believe that Yung Roze (yes I know lol) was theeee baddest eva!! 

1914114_134978764353_6434382_n ‘Gangsta fa life’

You must be wondering where I’m going with this, but looking back at my 14 year-old self, if only my Hi5 viewers knew what happened behind the screens. While I…

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                 Thank God I’m Free


I’ve been waiting for this moment for exactly 96 hours. It has been an extremely rough week,from setting exam papers,to stapling, to invigilating, to acting like a mad woman shouting orders to what seems like invisible friends (yes a di pickney dem me a talk). 😬

Yup, pretty much sums it up

Teachers everywhere will agree with me that when it’s exam week there is a sense of joy and fear that overcomes you all at once. 

Yes! No lesson plans,and definitely no teaching. (Does hanky panky)

But…Did I teach this topic thoroughly? Is the paper too hard? Lawd jeez bag a papers fi mark during “BREAK.” (ME STRESS OUT..my favorite phrase) and stressed out we are.

However, the good thing is that I’m a part of a department that helps to ease that stress. I kid you not; every member of my department “full ah drama.” I think they have about 37384846473 personalities…EACH. The laughter never stops. I’m truly grateful for them.

Foolin’ around

I was fortunate enough to not be scheduled for invigilations today. I really used the day wisely; listening to music, taking selfies, snapchatting and of course what’s a teacher without marking term projects?

I guess what I’m trying to say is teaching is a whole lot of work, it literally never ends. So for now Thank God I’m Free.

As I lay in bed writing this blog, I’ve resolved to dedicate this weekend to sleeping,sleeping and “probably” a few glasses of wine 😉.

I’m also accepting invites for a night out on the town..just saying.

PS* Somebodi please guh kill my trainer nuh? Me baddie a bawl 😢😢

                             HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! 

Monday Blues

Ugh, it’s Monday 5 a.m and my alarm won’t stop annoying me! I have a good mind to fling it in di wall. Life altering questions arise at this moment: 

  • Is it Sunday? God I hope it is 😢😢😢
  • Kmt. I reallyyyyyyyy have to go to work?? Cho blowow!

We’ve all been here. Monday blues. We reconsider every single detail of our life.
I lay here panning through my day and the classes I have.(God know me cyaa badda) 

But wait..maybe I have a savior today,because my stomach hurts sooooo badly. I’m really considering if I should brave it, but I’m just gonna take this as a personal day.I’m gonna enjoy every moment of this day, filled with sleep and binge watching Netflix series.

It’s 12:36 pm and I’m still in bed. Judge me if you may…you know you’d have done the same thing. I think it’s about time I get brunch (btw I claim I’m on a diet). 

It’s now 11:32 pm.I just stepped in from what seemed like the greatest movie I’ve seen.Probably because…according to my associates “mi tun house rat.” Thoroughly enjoyed my roughly 3 hrs out of my cage. 

As I prepare mentally for my packed Tuesday I brace myself for the “MS WAH MEK YUH NAE COME A SKOOL YESSIDEH???” questions. OH JOY. 

Ain’t it fun being me?? 


Welcome to my thoughts 

SO, I’ve finally done it. I’m starting a blog  (I pray I can keep up).What am I blogging about you may ask?

Well,as some of you may already know, I’m an educator. I specialize in English Language and Literature; I can already see some of you expressing disgust at the painful English classes. Lol. 

No this blog isn’t about teaching, but rather..rants about being a teacher and my OH SO VERY GLORIOUS DAYS (this is said in the driest sarcastic voice ever). 

A lot of persons are of the misconception that this is  the easiest job,well I kid you not my friend; you are wrong. 

I want people to be aware of the day-to-day issues we face in the classroom.I want people to know the good times as well. The world wind of educating a millenial. 

I’m beaming with excitement and fear all at once to share my days with you,given I’m not too pop dung to publish blogs. Sooooooo 

Stay tuned to see what teaching really involves, and don’t you dare think that the use of The Queen’s Language will be the diction for every post. Nuh-uh..you played yoself.