Welcome to my thoughts 

SO, I’ve finally done it. I’m starting a blog  (I pray I can keep up).What am I blogging about you may ask?

Well,as some of you may already know, I’m an educator. I specialize in English Language and Literature; I can already see some of you expressing disgust at the painful English classes. Lol. 

No this blog isn’t about teaching, but rather..rants about being a teacher and my OH SO VERY GLORIOUS DAYS (this is said in the driest sarcastic voice ever). 

A lot of persons are of the misconception that this is  the easiest job,well I kid you not my friend; you are wrong. 

I want people to be aware of the day-to-day issues we face in the classroom.I want people to know the good times as well. The world wind of educating a millenial. 

I’m beaming with excitement and fear all at once to share my days with you,given I’m not too pop dung to publish blogs. Sooooooo 

Stay tuned to see what teaching really involves, and don’t you dare think that the use of The Queen’s Language will be the diction for every post. Nuh-uh..you played yoself.

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