Monday Blues

Ugh, it’s Monday 5 a.m and my alarm won’t stop annoying me! I have a good mind to fling it in di wall. Life altering questions arise at this moment: 

  • Is it Sunday? God I hope it is 😢😢😢
  • Kmt. I reallyyyyyyyy have to go to work?? Cho blowow!

We’ve all been here. Monday blues. We reconsider every single detail of our life.
I lay here panning through my day and the classes I have.(God know me cyaa badda) 

But wait..maybe I have a savior today,because my stomach hurts sooooo badly. I’m really considering if I should brave it, but I’m just gonna take this as a personal day.I’m gonna enjoy every moment of this day, filled with sleep and binge watching Netflix series.

It’s 12:36 pm and I’m still in bed. Judge me if you may…you know you’d have done the same thing. I think it’s about time I get brunch (btw I claim I’m on a diet). 

It’s now 11:32 pm.I just stepped in from what seemed like the greatest movie I’ve seen.Probably because…according to my associates “mi tun house rat.” Thoroughly enjoyed my roughly 3 hrs out of my cage. 

As I prepare mentally for my packed Tuesday I brace myself for the “MS WAH MEK YUH NAE COME A SKOOL YESSIDEH???” questions. OH JOY. 

Ain’t it fun being me?? 


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