Thank God I’m Free


I’ve been waiting for this moment for exactly 96 hours. It has been an extremely rough week,from setting exam papers,to stapling, to invigilating, to acting like a mad woman shouting orders to what seems like invisible friends (yes a di pickney dem me a talk). 😬

Yup, pretty much sums it up

Teachers everywhere will agree with me that when it’s exam week there is a sense of joy and fear that overcomes you all at once. 

Yes! No lesson plans,and definitely no teaching. (Does hanky panky)

But…Did I teach this topic thoroughly? Is the paper too hard? Lawd jeez bag a papers fi mark during “BREAK.” (ME STRESS favorite phrase) and stressed out we are.

However, the good thing is that I’m a part of a department that helps to ease that stress. I kid you not; every member of my department “full ah drama.” I think they have about 37384846473 personalities…EACH. The laughter never stops. I’m truly grateful for them.

Foolin’ around

I was fortunate enough to not be scheduled for invigilations today. I really used the day wisely; listening to music, taking selfies, snapchatting and of course what’s a teacher without marking term projects?

I guess what I’m trying to say is teaching is a whole lot of work, it literally never ends. So for now Thank God I’m Free.

As I lay in bed writing this blog, I’ve resolved to dedicate this weekend to sleeping,sleeping and “probably” a few glasses of wine 😉.

I’m also accepting invites for a night out on the town..just saying.

PS* Somebodi please guh kill my trainer nuh? Me baddie a bawl 😢😢

                             HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! 

7 thoughts on “                 Thank God I’m Free

  1. For those wondering about the trainer. It was requested of him to assign weekly exercises to assist in getting to a desired physical point. Like our teachers he has given the weekly assignments.
    Thankfully he has a great student that gives her all to what has been assigned. Except for the few moments of weakness when it comes to food and monthly situations.
    He would also recommend ways to relieve stress. Normally he would give massages, him being a professional therapist and all.
    He also worries about if it was too much for his student and wish he could do it for her but how would she benefit of he did. And when she’s trying so hard it makes him proud. She makes great improvements.

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