Behind the Screens – Part One

Ground Zeero

Throwing it all the way back to Hi5 🙂


I will never forget the evening I was introduced to social media, Hi5 to be specific. It was my little sister’s birthday and after the cutting of the cake, a church sister got busy setting up my account. For a moment I was against it as I thought that I wasn’t ‘cool’, so I wouldn’t have any friends on there, but after my page was active, that thought flew out the window. I had set about the grueling task of establishing myself in the world of social media. I wanted to let the world see/believe that Yung Roze (yes I know lol) was theeee baddest eva!! 

1914114_134978764353_6434382_n ‘Gangsta fa life’

You must be wondering where I’m going with this, but looking back at my 14 year-old self, if only my Hi5 viewers knew what happened behind the screens. While I…

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