To be charged or nah? 

 Another work week is upon us. Once again, we question the importance of adulting. We’d much rather a nomad lifestyle (seriously think about it, do you see them stressed about Mr Bills every month?)

ANYWAYS…to the meat of the matter.This is a very serious blog. 

I’ve always heard teachers complain about students who’ve made sexual advances towards them, no doubt a few students have expressed their “liking” of me, but I take no threat to it. However, today was a completely different situation.

As I was minding my own business, do the usual “teacher stuff”; I saw a group of male students deep in convo. (Please remember that I totally ignored their existence). As I walked pass them,one of these “males” held unto my hand in a very sexual and uncomfortable manner. 

I was literally shocked, I took a few seconds to really process what just occured. So given the situation, I firmly told him not to touch me. 


“Yuh rude. Kmt.” (It was at this moment in time I saw my resignation letter and a 10 year sentence) 😲😲😲😞😞

I won’t bore you with all the details of this very uncomfortable and most disturbing incident. The long and short of it is that he refused to acknowledge that he had sexually harassed a female.


I’m going to attribute his non-sensical actions to being a mellenial baby. Being forward here, they really have no sense of reasoning and critical thinking skills. Might I add, comprehension levels are VERY VERY low. 
I’m still in shock and in a disturbed state since this incident. I really felt dirty, cheap,violated,valueless, powerless…the list of negative adjectives could go on.

Some persons might reason that this was merely a minor incident, however, this is where it all starts. We allow minor incidents to seep through crackholes and then we wonder why we have so many massive issues to deal with.

Food for thought huh? 

For those who are wondering ; yes I took the matter to higher authorities. Let’s hope something comes out of it. 

I’m urging everyone to not turn a blind eye to serious matters like these. If a touch, a stare, or even a cup of coffee is unwelcomed…from ANYONE; report it.

We must be the change if we want to see change.

*Click the link below to read Sexual Offences Act for further details 

Sexual Offences Act 

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