Back to reality!

Hey guys! Yes, it’s been a minute. Let me give you all the run-down. (Brace yahself) 

As many of you may know, schools in Jamaica just came off the easter term break. Now I was one of those overly-excited teachers who had planssssss hunnie! (Snaps fingers) I finally thought I’d have some good content for my blog . 

But little did I know that life had other things planned for me. 

Note the following events: 

Wednesday April 12th 2017 school goes on break. 

Thursday April 14th 2017 ,I visit the parents while completing teacher core duties. 

Friday April 15th 2017…SICK LIKE A DAWGGG πŸ˜’😨😭😭😭

I WAS TRULY UPSET..NO LIES. All my big plans had to be scrapped. Now, one would think that I was sick for 2-3 days; but nooooooo! I was sick for the entire break. So while everyone was trucking on the road and ‘beach vibing’ (my bad mind is very much active) I was nursing a horrible flu. 

But no worries friends, summer is approaching and a girl got plansssss. Yes. I have myriads of them. So I condemn every sort of flu in the name of the peace and serenity!! (dashes holy water 😁).

It’s back to reality and I’m currently at 95% good health. Please don’t hold your breath for 100%, it’ll never happen. Mentally drained already! 😐

Tomorrow marks the official day of the starto of school. Let’s see what crazy things are in store! No I’m not ready, no I’ll never be!

Happy reading! 

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