It’s finally Friday! Oh how I was eager for this lovely F word. No pun intended ūüôā

This week was somewhat smooth sailing. A few challenges here and there; but nothing a glass or three of wine couldn’t fix.

I must note however, there’s something in the air as it regards to the progress of my 200+ students…well for the majority of the numbers. I’m not sure of I’ve become much stricter or as according to these youngsters: “Miss how yuh¬†a move suh strong.”¬†

Okay back to the point. Soo yeah, I’ve seen a major change in their attitude towards work. I pray this attitude continues and doesn’t come to an abrupt end next week. I’ve found some strategies that have been working so far.

  1. Positive Reinforcement 
  2. Negative Reinforcement 
  3. Consistency 

If you’ve been to Teachers’ College or completed any Education Course, you know what these are. Truthfully, I didn’t apply them. However, I decided to give it a try ¬†and I put my twist to it.

*NB: This happened involuntarily

No doubt, I’m still that sarcastic teacher…sorry but that’s one quality I’ll never drop. (WORK WID IT!)

In addition to these strategies, I’ve been dropping work and assignments like crazy! When dem done dem MUST bright. I related to my co-worker this week that my students were in total shock that the first day they had two pieces of assignment¬†due in less than two days.

*me to my co-worker* “Ma fling on d wuk like wa-possh!” (DWLOOOOOOOL)

Is this too much? Maybe. But it’s working.

I feel ¬†I have accomplished a lot this week. This is one week I’m very proud to refer to myself an educator.

I’m most definitely treating myself this weekend.

Did I mention that all 8 lesson plans are completed? Yes your girl is making movesssss!!!

So while I sit and wait for my wash and go to dry, Saturday evening to arrive so that I can turn up (excited for this for MANY reasons), my twitter feed to load with memes, I’ll continue to bask in my many accomplishments of this work week.

What will next week bring?? STAY TUNED!

Great Teacher
No matter the challenges, remember your accomplishments. You ARE a GREAT Teacher.





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