Happy Teacher’s Day!!!!!!

Photo Credit: IB Times India

While Teachers’ Day will be celebrated tomorrow; let me be among the first persons to wish my fellow educators a Happy Teachers’ Day!

We’ve earned it!

We’ve worked hard all year and no doubt we deserve a day to be recognized.


2nd image
“Not many persons are cut from this special cloth to be a teacher…” Photo Credit: Tinypost

Let’s flashback to the moments where we have to hunt students down to get their work, address petty issues in the classroom, plan dozens of lessons, re-teach a lesson, be overly frustrated and emotional when students fail, doubt ourselves (yes this happens).

Yup! It’s definitely a task and a half.

Not many persons are cut from this special cloth to be a teacher, it requires a great deal, much more than being knowledgeable. We tap into so much unused energy that we are unaware of.

I know once you’ve taught for over a year, you have matured mentally, physically and emotionally. We owe it all to this very noble profession.

We have become mothers, fathers and even lawyers for many of our students;students that ACTUALLY deserve such care. We form very close bonds with these students and colleagues. Not many persons have the strength to take on these responsibilities as we do, and at the end of the day we become extremely drained; mentally and physically.

But guess what? We pick ourselves up and take on the task again to be the mantle of light to our future generations.

If you’ve not already done so, call a teacher up and thank him/her for all the work they’ve contributed to developing the society and you of course. Without the help of a teacher (not di lazy crasis one dem) many of us would not be as successful as we are today. Go ahead! Show some appreciation!

While many people frown and turn up their noses at our job, I bet y’all don’t have ‘special days.’ *said in the most Laquisha voice ever*

So yes! Enjoy your day my fellow educators and no matter what, ALWAYS remember you are a great teacher!

teachers day_thumb[7]
Photo Credit: Pinterest 
*All photo credits go to respective organizations* 

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